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Evert Ypma is a designer, conceptual strategist, researcher and senior lecturer in design and is based in Zurich.

Having an interest in transformation and making new combinations, Evert facilitates public institutions and businesses with articulating their aspirations and goals. He helps them reshaping online and offline services, rethinking their organisation and their places for work and living through envisioning storytelling and propelling design strategies.

At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Art and Design, he works as program leader of a transdisciplinary course / lab, where he educates the new generation of media designers and visual storytellers. Furthermore, he is a research associate at the CityScienceLab at the HafenCity University Hamburg, which is a cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, and focussing on digital citizenship and the design of choice architectures (PhD in progress).

Evert Ypma Associates: